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Joschka Banzhaf`s paintings can be characterized by a profound examination of topics inspired by the benefits of science and technology, and conversely, by destructive powers in our human history. Living in the age of the „Anthropocene“ (the period of men) art is very much influenced by this irreversible development and its

subsequent impact which his paintings explore - the gap between realism and abstraction, from micro to macroscopic, as an evolutionary picture.

This pictorial insight is then implemented in his ideas and concepts which become detached from their sources. In understanding an image as a „universal cosmos“, every painting, therefore has to prove its place in a cultural cycle within the history of art as regards the past, present, and future, which Banzhaf`s experimental and innovative paintings address. If we want to get a better insight into his paintings we should recognize that art is not exclusively a product of terminated results but even more a long-term laboratory of visual expressions.

This fundamental spirit of research regains not only in his works but even more in his examination in art. To question the relevance of painting in our digital life, which is more and more dominated by algorithms and artificial intelligence is another important aspect being represented in his artistic language.

Throughout these conflicts that occur in his paintings it seems that Joschka Banzhaf tries to structure the three dimensions of color, space, and narration into a non-hierarchic order so that his works become an assimilation of the visual and the intellectual. A large variety of source material reaching from photography to film, collage and drawing, are all call part of his working process.

Joschka Banzhaf © 2022 All rights reserved

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